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Hanoi housing market cooling

Cập nhật lúc: 13h24' 30-06-2011 Chia sẻ Bản in

  • After the fever pushed prices up to 30 to 40%, Hanoi real estate market is gradually cooling, trading slowed and prices tend to go down well.
  • According to a survey of VnExpress.net, a cult series of projects became the focus of the market in October has now started to slow down. Many trading down 60 to 80%, particularly some of the floor from the beginning until now almost no sales. Nguyen Van Trong, trading Detech said Land, land and apartments are on hold or reduce prices.

    Some projects, such as Kim Chung-Di Trach Tan Tay, Cienco 5 ... are in a peaceful state of real, no one asked to buy although prices fell from 500,000 to 1 million per m2. Typical projects kim Chung - Di Trach, down 1 million m2. Tan Tay project is about 21 to 25 million, down 500,000 compared to the previous month.


    A series of land projects attract tourists with a soaring prices now hovering no more no less. Typical projects Cienco 5, since the beginning of the month for review from 11 to 11.5 million m2. Geleximco at 32.5 million, the C Ocean where about 25 million, Van Canh "defensive" in 24 million.

    Condominium segment than 2 weeks and fell into a similar state. A variety of causes attraction to the market in the last month has quickly fallen into a state of saturation. Buyers are no longer willing to steep payment amounts greater difference for the rate change hands. Typical apartment to mention Duong Noi, the price difference for each base of 200 million, over two levels offering odds only 50 to 60 million. Many cases of customers rush to withdraw funds. Urban Dai Mo Tu Liem district, Hanoi, before the difference from 150 to 200 million today to about 40 to 50 million per unit. Tran Duy Hung Southeast No5 difference of about 1.2 billion, has cooled only by half. North An Khanh, a hit with the difference 1.8 to 2.1 billion so far fallen more than 1 billion.

    According to some investors, the housing market in Hanoi this year into a state of "early retirement", however, before the unpredictable, many real estate experts say could turn up at any time.

    Mr. Le Huu Tuan, floor property Ha Noi Moi, said, this is a strange phenomenon of the real estate market. Estate transactions are often active in the last year by investors scrambling to exhaust every opportunity to prepare for the new year. Customers also bought another date due to the many leaders from saving money or wages and bonuses. However, before gains overheating of the market, many people worried, wary of purchasing more.

    Before that, within a week, land prices can be up to 1-2 million per m2. However, early in November, would deposit the amount of transactions, the performance offered by hand for sale to the original price. Explaining the phenomenon, said Nguyen Van Trong said that two months ago, launched its assistance to customers drip rush. The catch is this mentality, many investors scrambling to unload merchandise and free up land prices to the supply of apartments was saturated. "Before the power up too hot, the land was pushed up to 30 to 40%, exceeding the affordability of many. Customers must wait to listen new reduced investment in land prices. Others surfing, forced selling off capital contribution when due. This leads to lower home prices, "Mr. Trong said.

    In the same time, the State Bank has directed commercial banks restrict lending of securities, real estate ... as investors psychological disturbance. Before power up the hot housing market, credit tightening moves by the State Bank of causing the brake money supply, which in real estate is limited.

    procession of the "crucified" rise or fall by the Hanoi real estate market, some experts fear, this year''s scenario will be repeated in 2007. However, according to Dang Hung Vo, a senior adviser to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the script changes this year will be much more complex. Vo analysis, real estate in 2007 fever in the country stretching from north to south, especially the two major cities of Hanoi and HCMC. By quarter 1 / 2008, the market goes down slowly. Meanwhile, last year, real estate fever only in some segments in Hanoi. "The market grows to a certain level will be complicated. It is difficult to control the real estate situation Monday when the stimulus is unknown shape," Mr. Vo said.

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